Why Filatori?

The desire to know every single detail and secret of all the raw materials used, the obsessive search for yarns of the highest quality but at the same time innovative, but also the right gratitude to those who are behind the scenes and with their daily work guarantee the existence and the operation of our industry, the "Filatore" (spinner in english).

For us, the use of precious natural fibers does not respond to a logic of ostentation : they are the only ones suitable for giving life to timeless essential garments of the highest quality, in accordance with our brand mission.

From fine yarns and OEKOTEX and FILOSCOZIA certified raw materials, unique products with an essential style are woven with commitment and technology, aimed at an international scene.

Our innovative business model , the result of a re-engineering of the entire standard production process, allows us to overturn most of the inefficiencies of our industry into extra-quality for the consumer, achieving a value for money never seen before .

As can be seen from our logo , the customer is at the center of everything, first of all.

Our T-Shirts

Egyptian cotton Makò 80/2

Among the precious yarns characteristic of Filatori , Makò cotton stands out, a high quality natural material of Egyptian origin. Its characteristics are the extra long fibers (equal to 33 mm and more), the softness, the sheen of silk and a resistant and delicate texture.

Makò cotton grows in real oases that enjoy extraordinary climatic conditions, ideal for its cultivation. The plantations are surrounded by the arid and hot dunes of the Sahara and the Nile delta north of Egypt, in a mild climate all year round where the humid Mediterranean breezes keep the humidity quite high.

These fibers are very rare and represent only 2% of world cotton production.

In Filatori we have selected a knitted version in 100% Makò Filoscozia® extra-fine yarn dyed cotton 80/2 , produced by the Italian weaving Tessilmaglia, a family-run mill based in Treviso since 1982, specializing in fine Egyptian cotton fabrics. One of his secrets? It takes advantage of the surrounding natural environment, using mountain waters to wash its luxurious fabrics. This allows you to dispense with chemicals, as the mineral-rich waters of the nearby Piave River act as a natural softener. An absolute Italian excellence.

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Our T-Shirts

Ultra-Fine Supima Cotton Ne 120/2

Supima® (Superior Pima) is a premium cotton variety with extra-long staple fibers, renowned for its fine, white fibers. Primarily cultivated in California, it is notable for fiber cleanliness achieved through mechanical harvesting and remarkable resistance to pilling.

The long and robust fibers of Supima® cotton are well-suited for spinning yarns ranging from Ne 100/2 to Ne 120/2. In their pursuit of superior-quality cotton, Filatori, in collaboration with their family-run mill partner Tessilmaglia, has selected the finest American Supima® cotton, known for its superior length, strength, and fineness compared to the standard.

Leveraging unique features such as a micronaire of 3.8 and a length of 36.5 mm, Tessilmaglia has been able to produce an exceptional and rare Interlock fabric, weighing 175 g/m², characterized by greater compactness and consistency compared to Egyptian Mako Cotton.

The Supima Association oversees and guarantees the origin of every fabric bearing the Supima® trademark.

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Our knitwear

Organic Cotton - Mulberry Silk 1/30.000

Mulberry silk comes from the silkworms of the Bombyx Mori moth, famous for feeding exclusively on mulberry leaves, guaranteeing the production of single continuous filaments of silk of variable lengths between 300 and 900 metres.

In Filatori we have selected a mixed version in very fine GOTS certified organic cotton (the Global Organic Textile Standard is the most used and relevant certification of organic origin in the textile sector) and Mulberry Silk, 1/30.000, produced by the Como-based company TCP, which has specialized in fine silk yarns for 4 generations. The knitwear developed with 1 yarn on a WHOLEGARMENT loom comes in bright shades, with a soft hand, respecting our relaxed and essential sartorial style .

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Our 4-season Knit

Cashwool® 2/48

Shiny like silk, soft as cashmere, Cashwool® epitomizes authentic Italian luxury, seamlessly blending culture, nature, and technology. Born from a simple yet original intuition—selecting premium Australian wools—it has evolved into a benchmark in the realm of high-end knitwear. Its essence remains unparalleled.

Exceptional in its refinement and purity, Cashwool®'s secret lies in its raw material: wool meticulously chosen for its unparalleled fineness and purity. This results in an extra-soft, ultra-bright, and lightweight yarn that enhances every shade with luminosity and durability. With a thickness of only 19.5 microns (one millionth of a meter), this special wool is truly exclusive.

Exclusively made in Italy at the Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia facilities, Cashwool® follows a meticulously crafted production process designed to uphold the highest standards of quality, benefiting the product, the individual, and the environment alike.

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